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I don't know whats wrong. When I put in x*x for the left side, and 25 for the right side, it doesnt work. The python shell shows no errors, but after I enter the amount of solutions, nothing happens. I think that it could be in an endless loop, or not be applying x after each run. PLEASE HELP! Here is my code:

#getting input information

print "This program cannot solve for irrational or repeating numbers. Please round for them in your equation."
print "Make the variable in your equation stand for x"
startingLimit=int(raw_input("What is the lowest estimate that your variable could possibly be?"))
wholeNumber=raw_input("Do you know if your variable will be a whole number or a fraction? Answer: yes/no")
if (wholeNumber== "yes"):
     fraction= raw_input("Is it a decimal/fraction? Answer:yes/no")
     if (fraction=="yes"):
        print "This program will only calculate up to the fourth place to the right of the decimal"

leftEquation=raw_input("Enter your left side of the equation:")
rightEquation=raw_input("Enter the right side of the equation:")
amountSolutions=raw_input("How many solutions are there to your equation? (up to 20)")


while (count!=amountSolutions):

    while (count==0):
        ifstuffright=eval (rightEquation)
        if (ifstuffleft!=ifstuffright):
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What is the program supposed to do? Nothing is being printed anywhere after the number of solutions is requested, so there shouldn't be any output. – Michael Mior Oct 17 '12 at 1:12
This looks like homework. Please tag it as such if it is. – serk Oct 17 '12 at 1:14
@serk: The homework tag is now officially deprecated and should not be added to questions – David Robinson Oct 17 '12 at 1:14
It is generally a good idea to use a descriptive title. Something like Help!' will gather less attention than Syntax error in python function to calculate value' – Perkins Oct 17 '12 at 1:15
@David Thanks for letting me know about that. I wasn't aware. Thanks! – serk Oct 17 '12 at 1:15
  1. Why do you have the inner while (count==0): while loop? That will cause it to get stuck on an infinite loop (in the while (count!=amountSolutions): loop) as soon as count is not equal to 0 (since it will never enter that inner while loop).

  2. Once you've fixed that, notice that you don't perform x=x+xfinder if the values are equal to each other. That means you will stay on the same value (in this case -5) until you've satisfied the number of solutions. You thus have to increase the value by xfinder whether or not the values are equal.

  3. You never print the solution or do anything with it. You probably want to replace the a=x line with print "One solution is", x

Finally, when you're posting a question you should strive for a minimal example. All of your input code can be replaced by hardcoding the 5 variables, something like:

startingLimit = -10
xfinder = 1
leftEquation = "x*x"
rightEquation = "25"
amountSolutions = 2

This a) requires 23 fewer lines of code, making your question easier to read and understand, b) makes it easier to test so people can see the problem without answering six questions and c) prevents answerers from having to guess what you put in for startingLimit and amountSolutions.

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Yes, but I did tell it to print out the solutions at the bottom when I put this: if (amountSolutions=="1"): print "Solutions= ",a – user1624992 Oct 17 '12 at 22:25
@user1624992: That code is nowhere in your question. – David Robinson Oct 18 '12 at 0:50

If any value other than 1 is given for amountSolutions it seems like this code will go into an infinite loop.

while (count!=amountSolutions):
    while (count==0):

In the above once one solution is found, count = 1 and thus the inner while loop would be skipped.

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