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Can anyone recommend a good Fortran debugger for the mac (other than installing gdb, etc, via fink or macports)?

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You don't need to use fink or macports to get gdb - if you install Apple's Xcode developer tools, you'll get working versions of gcc and gdb. –  Chris Lutz Aug 23 '09 at 22:41

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I believe the Intel Fortran Compiler for Mac integrates with Xcode and thereby gives you source level (GUI) debugging: http://software.intel.com/en-us/intel-compilers/

Also it looks like you can get Xcode plug-ins for gfortran: http://www.macresearch.org/xcode_tutorial_fortran_only_projects

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With the IDB for Mac only providing a command-line interface, and Xcode only being capable of debugging simple structured Fortran programs with no support of MODULEs, maybe you can try TotalView.

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I'm lucky (?) enough to work for a company which pays for software for developers. If you are too, try to get your hands on TotalView. I've not used it on Mac OS X, but it's a good debugger on AIX / Linux.

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