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At the moment I have something like this, to check if an Entity has already been added (simplified):

WinEveryBetBYeMiContext context = new WinEveryBetBYeMiContext();
string firstPlayerName = "R.Federer";
foreach (var player in context.Players)
       if (player.Name == firstPlayerName)
            //Player already exists

But since there can be 100s of Players, this approach looks to me very bad and its also very slow..

I heard about LINQ TO SQL.. But I don't really know if its better, faster and more effective.. Maybe someone has a good way to check such things and could help me out.?

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You can use LINQ to make this a bit more efficient and readable:

using System.Linq;

var firstPlayerName = "R.Federer";
var context = new WinEveryBetBYeMiContext();
var exists = context.Players.Any(x => x.Name == firstPlayerName);
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context.Players.Any(p => p.Name == firstPlayerName);
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