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I worked on a small project a while ago using Rational Team Concert eclipse. I got rid of it when I was finished the project.

I remember we could go to the team view and open the browser to view our team tasks and user stories and files. I have been googling around for that login page so I can see my old project files again but haven't had any luck.

Does anyone know where I can access my old project files stored on the source control server?

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There are 3(!) "Team" view in an RTC client:

  • Team artifacts (with the Work Items, Build and Source Control sections for each Project Area)
  • Team Organization (with all the members)
  • Team Dashboard (with your work items, the event logs and Team Load)

I suspect you need to go to the Team Artifact view, get back your project area and check if you still have your repository workspace there for a given Stream.
If yes, you need to load it again to your disk, creating a local workspace or sandbox, in order to get back your Eclipse project.
If not, create a repo workspace on the right Stream and load it.

Team Artifacts view

See "Flow changes cross repositories with Rational Team Concert" for more on that sequence of operations.

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