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i've noticed that for certain keywords, the Eventbrite website shows relevant events, but the API returns a lot of irrelevant events.

some examples are: "arts", "health", "auction"

the results shown on the website all have the keywords appearing in the Title/Name of the event, however the API returns events as long as the keywords are in the title and/or description.

MY QUESTION IS: how do I use the API to only get back events which have the keyword appearing in the title?

I'm trying to get the best matching events.

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event_search currently does a full-text search over the title and description fields.

Eventbrite is currently working on connecting their event_search interface to the same back-end that powers their web-based directory service

I'm sure they'll make an announcement via @EventbriteAPI when it's ready.

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thanks! any approx timeline on this? i'm asking because I can't include the eventbrite API in my service until the above is done, as currently the API returns a lot of irrelevant events. –  Varun Oct 21 '12 at 18:27
It's not ideal, but you could try doing some additional matching / filtering on your side - allowing you to reduce the result set to title matches only. I'll update here when I hear about an ETA for the new search back-end. Not sure if the ability to match on title only will be included in that release... –  ʀɣαɳĵ Oct 23 '12 at 17:14

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