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Using Visual Studio 6.0 I want to use Visual Studio 2008 also.

I Already Installed the Visual Studio 6.0 (VB6, Foxpro Package) in my system, Now I want to install the Visual Studio 2008(.Net Package). Is Possible to install?

If I install Visual Studio 2008, Visual Studio 6.0 will work or not?

Can any one help me?

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Yes, you can use Visual Studio 6.0 side-by side with VS2008. I use this for maintenance of old VB6 code. It is safest to install v6 first, which is what you have done. So install VS2008 and enjoy.

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+1. Keep enjoying VS6 too :) – MarkJ Aug 18 '09 at 8:54
I recently had to migrate a VB6 project to .NET 3.5. I installed Visual Studio 6.0 after VS 2008 (I didn't originally have any plans to use Visual Studio 6.0) and had to re-associated VS 2008 file extensions. As Mark says it is best to install VS 6.0 first. – RichardOD Aug 18 '09 at 8:59
+1 for installing VS6 first. I tried it the other way round and it causes all sorts of problems. – PhilPursglove Aug 18 '09 at 9:02

YES. Visual Studio 6.0 will work with Visual Studio 2008 installed.

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Well, it works, that should be very apparent from the other answers :-)

Maybe one quick tip tho: when you install VS6 it will require the MS Java runtime environment - you don't want that! It's an easy fix however: just create an empty file named msjava.dll inside %windir%\System32 and you're off...

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Handy tip of the day; +1 – Marc Gravell Aug 18 '09 at 9:44

I have installed Visual Studio 2008 and then Visual Studio 6.0. Both works fine.

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Yes, I run VS6, VS2005, and VS2008 on machines here.

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Like what Marc Gravell said. first install VB6(VS6) then VS2008 and enjoy. I already have both VS6 and VS2008 on the same machine

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