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I need to create setup file for installation of these:
-Web app
-Win service
-Run some sql scripts.

I wanted to do all in one setup. For example I want to make method like CreateSetup and in that method to create setup file which will contain installation/run of above 3 things.

If you have some links or idea how to do it please share.

Thank you in advance. If I come across some solution I will post it here for others as well.

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It might very well be worth your while to sit down and learn WIX, it seems the preferred method of dealing with more complex setups. I haven't done the tasks outlined here, but I did mange to have an installer that set up an application on a Windows Mobile device.

Looking around a bit, it does seem you can install web applications: http://www.codeproject.com/Articles/115036/Creating-WIX-Installer-for-ASP-NET-Web-Application

And a windows service: http://blog.tentaclesoftware.com/archive/2009/01/01/21.aspx

And run SQL scripts: How to run sql script to create database using Wix

It does appear you could even capture what is required to build a SQL string through the windows installer GUI, and use that to know where to run the SQL script, and set up any needed connection strings.

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Thanx Matt, I will try it. –  Oggie Oct 21 '12 at 11:32

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