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I have a list of structs, and I want to write a function that alters some slots in the structs without affecting the original list. I tried using copy-list, but its not deep enough; the slot values are also altered in the original list. My question is, is there a built-in function that does what I want?, or should I write my own one?. Thank you.


I went on and wrote my own function, is there a built-in one that would do this though?

(defun deep-copy (li)
    (if (null li)
        (cons (copy-structure (car li)) (deep-copy (rest li)))))
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There is little value to have that function pre-defined.

Your code is just:

(mapcar #'copy-structure some-list)
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AAAahhhhhh, you are right :D. That was a dumb question, it was very late at night though :D. Thanks a lot for taking time to answer this. –  turingcomplete Oct 17 '12 at 13:54

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