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I'm trying to implement an ISO8589 message to a financial institution. They however, have a Web Service that I call and then I load the ISO8589 payload into an appropriate field of the WCF service.

I have created an ISO8589 message this way:

var isoMessage = new OpenIso8583.Net.Iso8583();
isoMessage.MessageType = Iso8583.MsgType._0100_AUTH_REQ;
isoMessage.TransactionAmount = (long) 123.00;
isoMessage[Iso8583.Bit._002_PAN] = "4111111111111111";
// More after this.

I can't seem to figure out how I can convert the isoMessage into an ASCII human readable format so I can pass it through to the web service.

Anyone have any idea how this can be done with this library? Or am I using this library the wrong way?



I have figured out how to do this doing:

var asciiFormatter = new AsciiFormatter();
var asciiValue = asciiFormatter.GetString(isoMessage.ToMsg());

However, Now I am trying to take the isoMessage and pass the entire thing as hex string easily using OpenIso8583.Net, as follows:

var isoMessage = new OpenIso8583Net.Iso8583();
isoMessage.MessageType = Iso8583.MsgType._0800_NWRK_MNG_REQ;
isoMessage[Iso8583.Bit._003_PROC_CODE] = "000000";
isoMessage[Iso8583.Bit._011_SYS_TRACE_AUDIT_NUM] = "000001";
isoMessage[Iso8583.Bit._041_CARD_ACCEPTOR_TERMINAL_ID] = "29110001";

I know this is tricky, because some fields are BCD, AlpahNumeric, Numeric, etc. however, this should be realively easy (or I would think) using OpenIso8583.Net? The result I'd like to get is:

Msg   Bitmap (3, 11, 41)      ProcCode Audit    Terminal ID
----- ----------------------- -------- -------- -----------------------
08 00 20 20 00 00 00 80 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 01 32 39 31 31 30 30 30 31

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Essentially, you need to extend Iso8583 which you initialise with your own Template In the Template, you can set the formatters for each field so that BCD and binary packing is not used. Have a look at the source code for Iso8583 as to how it works.

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Where to find the code for Iso8583 – Chandu- Indyaah Oct 23 '13 at 10:43
You can download it from the public repo – John Oxley Oct 24 '13 at 10:43

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