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Maybe it is a long shot but worth trying...
I have the following relation User1-[:MATCHED]-User2, I want to allow other users to give feedback (Like) on that relation, I am guessing that the obvious answer is to define new node from type Match which will be created for every two matched users and then relate to that node with LIKE relation from each user who liked the match.
I am trying to think about other way to model that in the graph without the overhead of creating new node for each match...
Can a relation relate to other nodes except the start/end nodes?
Any help will be appreciated thanks.

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I think your idea with creating a new node is probably the best way. You can't relate to more than the start/end nodes. – Eve Freeman Oct 17 '12 at 5:56
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Neo4j does not support hypergraphs or relationships to relationships. Modelling your MATCHED relationship with a node is probably the way to go.

An alternative is to reference the relationship id from another node:

User1-[MATCHED]->User2 (where MATCHED has the id xyz)
User3-[LIKES]->Relationship(relId = xyz)

The "Relationship" node would contain the id of the MATCHED relationship as a property. This relId property would need to be indexed to find all LIKES of a given MATCHED relationship.

This solution is not well suited for traversals though.

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