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Trying to figure out how to use haml "link_to" with Ruby code in order to make an image on a page link to another page on the site. If possible I'd like to keep the nav static and fade the two pages in and out via a "Forward" and "Back" image. Any ideas? Just want to get the linking right first and then can go in and figure out the JQuery. Currently have the code below...


    %div{:style => "position: absolute; top: 620px; left: 830px;"}
        =link_to (image_tag([1].image_url(:full), :id => "#fade1", :class => "animated") if[1].image? 
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Syntax of link_to is

=link_to link_text, link_url, options

You missed the link_url. ie. to where the user should be taken when clicking on the image.

Here is a working example

=link_to(image_tag(""), "", :id => "#fade1", :class => "animated")
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You are not specifying the src for the link. The syntax is:

link_to "Link Text", "/path-to-link"

To put an image in there:

image_tag "path-to-image"
link_to(image_tag("path-to-image"), "/path-to-link")

This code will make an image wrapped by a link pointing to /bacon if[1].image?

link_to(image_tag(image_tag([1].image_url(:full), :id => "#fade1", :class => "animated")), "/bacon", :id => "bacon", :class => "bacon") if[1].image?
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Thank you so much for pointing me in the right direction. Adapting the code you provided gave me a broken image with a link that pointed to the right place, but it ended up working when I changed it to this. =link_to(image_tag([1].image_url(:full), :id => "#fade1", :class => "animated"), "/page-to-link-to") if[1].image? – Emeka Patrick Oct 17 '12 at 4:57

You should first look at the parameters of a link_to tag . You will get to know about the parameters and what you can do with those parameters .

check this link api doc

You can check all paramters of a method avilable in API Ruby on Rails

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