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I Know there is few question on this site talk about this... but I don't find real answer that i can use...

I have a form that contain common UITextField and a UIButton that supposedly show UIDatePicker sliding from bottom when user click the button...

The main question is:

  • how to show UIDatePicker over the TabBar like iphone keyboard did
  • how make the UIDatePicker is behave like a keyboard, so when i click UITextField while selecting date, it changed to keyboard and vice versa... like iphone contact did.

Thanks in advance

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Set input View of your textfield to be a UIDatePicker object: UITextField has following properties. @property (readwrite, retain) UIView *inputView;

Use following code:

yourTextfield.inputView = yourDatePicker;

so instead of keyboard which is default for UITextfield, your picker will appear when textfield is tapped....

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oh yeah... I see... My mistake if I try to implement it by myself using button to show the DatePicker... Accepted –  Tek Yin Oct 17 '12 at 5:00

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