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i heard we should use "return" after "Response".why? like this :

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That's probably just an artifact of C# development. Every C# method requires a return statement, regardless of what happens in the Response.Redirect call.

You're probably assuming that the return won't execute, but that's not the case. Response.Redirect, once called, does in fact pass control back to the next statement in the C# method, just like any other method call would.

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A 'Response.Redirect' does not finish the code processing. It just instructs the server to send an HTTP 302 Found to the client. The client then commits (technically it doesn't have to but "common" clients like web browsers do) a request to the new URL given after the HTTP 302 header.

You can, for example, do other server-side tasks after the Response.Redirect and they will run.

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