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Suppose there are 15 folders committed in svn (each name starting with folder_).
How can I run svn delete on all the folders which were created on or before a specific date?

Thanks in advance.


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Is this a recursive job? If not, then I'll suggest to go and manually delete them from SVN. Better to have some discretion with SVN as you would not want accidently deteting a folder and then reverting it back. Or, you can give some more explanation of the issue above and what's your progress till now... –  Arpit Oct 17 '12 at 5:48

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I found this that might help you in your quest. Its not svn delete but it will get the job done. Batch file to delete files older than N days

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If you want to delete all sub folders named .svn then create batch file with this content:

for /f "tokens=* delims=" %%i in ('dir /s /b /a:d *.svn') do (
rd /s /q "%%i"

save it in a file del_All_Dot_SVN_Folders.cmd . Run it. Your done.

Thanks to http://www.axelscript.com/2008/03/11/delete-all-svn-files-in-windows/

Remember the above code has .svn whereas the code in the link has only *svn so its better to have the .svn to not accidentally have undesired effect.

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