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I have a question that

  1. Point> I don't want to know generally function of modal, but like Pinterest

  2. Question core > 1. Can i change the URL when i use ajax without "reloading"

  3. Work flow >

    1) On Pinterest, i click on a image

    2) A modal window opens up, but the URL of the page also changes without "reloading" even though it use ajax

    • I've known that when i using a modal function, it dosen't change the URL on the page, but not on Pinterest
    • URL change e.x) rootURL -> otherURL

    3) I click the background of the modal, the URL of the page also changes without "reloading" and modal windows closed

    • URL change e.x) otherURL -> rootURL

So, If you have some solution or information, please let me know that. Also I have red related question answers, but it's not enough. and don't want to get information obout HTML5 API cause i'm not going to provide HTML5 service

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Sorry you can't do it without html5. JavaScript alone cannot change the pre-fragment part of the URL. –  Ayesh K Oct 17 '12 at 5:32
Thanks ur answer helped me –  Jeonhwan Won Aug 5 at 7:49

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