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Hi I am running 2 copies of sublime text 2. One on a windows box and another on a laptop running ubuntu. I am wondering if it is possible to move the sublime packages folder to a shared location. I only use one machine at any given time but it would be nice if the packages/snippets etc were consistent across both environments. Any one had any luck with this?


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Sublime Text 2 may hold write lock on the files of the settings files, so sharing files might not work as intended if you are trying to use them from multiple locations simultaneously.

However, it is possible to share settings and on UNIX users do it via symlinks (mklink on Windows). I am pretty sure you cannot set the path of the config files from Sublime itself, so you need to instead do some kind of file-system trickery.

But as the recommended method I'd use some file sharing service like Dropbox which will also automatically keep back-ups from your files in the case you manage to destroy them within Sublime Text 2 accidentally: (have pointers for OSX, Linux, Windows)

Also I am not sure if there is anything operating system specific in those configs, but I can confirm it works 100% if you are using the same OS.

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perfect thanks for the help. – Chin Oct 18 '12 at 0:00

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