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I have a method with custom attribute in my service. I want to read the attributes of the calling method on the server side and check if it has that attribute. How can I accomplish this?


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I resolved this by simply implementing IParameterInspector instead. As the documentation states, parameter inspector works on operation level.

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You cannot - the server side cannot go back to the client and read attribute in its code. After all - these could be on different machine, potentially even using different programming languages and system. How is a Java server going to read your .NET client attribute?

Check out figure showing the WCF archicture: on the left, you have the client, on the right, the server, and all that's holding the two together is the messages being exchanged. They have no other link.

alt text

What you could do is send along a custom header from the client to the server - then, your server - no matter what it is - can read that custom header in the message and act accordingly.

Messages are being passed between client and server - that's all the connection the two sides have. Anything in the message (and its headers) can be examined by the server - anything else cannot be checked.


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