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I have set mapred.tasktracker.reduce.tasks.maximum to 10 in mapred-site.xml, and I also write jobConf.setNumReduceTasks(5) in my job.

Everything is ok if I run the job in Shell.

But when I run the same job by eclipse, only one reducer was launched.

I try to edit Map/Reduce Locations in eclipse, and set mapred.reduce.tasks to 10. But that still doesn't work.

Is there any other parameters I can adjust in eclipse?

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Running it in eclipse seems to use the local job runner. It only supports 0 or 1 reducers. If you try to set it to use more than one reducer, it ignores it and just uses one anyway.

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Thanks for your answer! Problem was solved. In eclipse, LocalJobRunner will be lanuched by default, which can only start one reducer. But we can do something to run the job on the claster. Here is my reference: Analytics for Hadoop Job Submission. I'm sorry the website is in Chinese. But I hope it can be useful for others. –  thomaslee Oct 18 '12 at 9:03

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