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What work has been done on cross-platform mobile development?

I want to develop a mobile application which should work on major mobile devices like iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, Blackberry device and Symbian. How can I develop such a native application which will work on these platform? Is it possible to develop such application which is cross platform supported?

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Phonegap and Titanium are the platforms that might help you



Comparison http://kevinwhinnery.com/post/22764624253/comparing-titanium-and-phonegap

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There may be so many cross platforms for Android and ios. Take a look at these

Appcelerator Titanium Create rich native iOS, Android, hybrid, and mobile web apps from a single JavaScript-based SDK. The Titanium cross platform mobile application SDK empowers you to choose the right way to reach your end users on any device

Phone Gap Developing with PhoneGap gives you the freedom to create mobile applications for iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone, Palm WebOS, Bada and Symbian using the web code you know and love: HTML, CSS and Javascript.

Sencha Touch Build HTML5 mobile apps for iPhone, Android, and BlackBerry.

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You could also take a look at Rhomobile and MoSync . Another option would be html5

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