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I am making a jQuery Mobile and PhoneGap app.

I am about to save some data to local storage. I am wondering if it is safe on mobile browsers (Android, iOS and windows). On PC I am able to check the values in FireBug. Is it possible somehow on mobile devices? Can I access in app A data specified by app B?

Thanks for help.

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It's possible too. Don't store anything in there you wouldn't be comfortable with other people seeing. –  alex Oct 17 '12 at 6:25

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At least in iOS, if it's a phonegap app the localStorage is only accesible from the app.

To check values while you are developing, you can try debug phonegap.(only works on webkit browsers). If you put a name there, it creates a script tag to include in your index. If you include that script tag in your index and execute the app you can see a remote web inspector for your app.

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