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Y.A.N (yet another newbie)

Using rails, I have a 'students' controller and a 'contacts' controller and of course, a student model and contact model. contact belongs_to student and student has_many contacts. I have an index page of students that lists each student with the option to click "Add Contact" for each student. I'm losing it when I try to call the contacts' 'new' action and subsequently the "new" view for contacts. How/where do i initialize the student and/or contact so the contact knows the student_id. Right now, I'm passing the student to the new_contact_path but then I have to refer to the student_Id as params(:format) inside the contact controller in order to get it to work. this is obviously not the best way. Any ideas Pieces of code below:

def new
    @contact =
    @student = Student.find(params[:format])

students index:
<% @students.each do |student| %>
    <td><%= link_to 'Contacts', new_contact_path(student) %></td>
<% end %>
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You can use nested resources. In this case you have student_id in contacts controller automatically ( –  andrykonchin Oct 17 '12 at 7:35

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When you need to find the student with

@student = Student.find(params[:format])

there is definitely something wrong with your routes.

Your routes should be something like:

resources :students do
  resources :contacts

And your code should be:

@student = Student.find(params[:student_id])

The index view you posted should work fine provided you initialised @students properly.

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you could pass student_id in the new_contact_path link.

<%= link_to 'Contacts', new_contact_path(student, :student_id => %>

and in the controller

class ContactsController
  def new
    @student = Student.find(params[:student_id])
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