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I have a question currently up at: scan image, create links from content (php hopefully)

Since I'm working in ms publisher, I can remove the map image and just keep the #'d boxes. Saving just those as .htm I end up with the following code:

<!--[if gte vml 1]><![if mso | ie]><v:shape id="_x0000_s1039" type="#_x0000_t201" style='position:absolute;left:311.27pt;top:110.81pt;width:11.34pt;height:9pt; z-index:7;mso-wrap-distance-left:2.88pt;mso-wrap-distance-top:2.88pt; mso-wrap-distance-right:2.88pt;mso-wrap-distance-bottom:2.88pt' stroked="f" strokecolor="black [0]" insetpen="t" o:cliptowrap="t">
<v:stroke color2="white [7]">
<o:left v:ext="view" color="black [0]" color2="white [7]" weight="0"/>
<o:top v:ext="view" color="black [0]" color2="white [7]" weight="0"/>
<o:right v:ext="view" color="black [0]" color2="white [7]" weight="0"/>
<o:bottom v:ext="view" color="black [0]" color2="white [7]" weight="0"/>
<o:column v:ext="view" color="black [0]" color2="white [7]"/>
<v:shadow color="#ccc [4]"/>
<v:textbox inset="0,0,0,0">

<table v:shapes="_x0000_s1039" cellpadding=0 cellspacing=0 width=15 height=12 border=0 dir=ltr style='width:11.34pt;height:9.0pt;border-collapse:collapse; position:absolute;top:110.81pt;left:311.27pt;z-index:7'>
<td width=15 height=12 bgcolor=white style='width:11.3385pt;height:9.0pt; padding-left:.1417pt;padding-right:.1417pt;padding-top:.1417pt;padding-bottom:.1417pt;background:white;border:solid blue .25pt'>
<p class=MsoNormal style='text-align:center;text-align:center'><span lang=en-US style='font-size:5.0pt;font-family:Arial;language:en-US'><span dir=ltr></span>185</span></p>

I'm looking (as in the previous question) to create links from the #'s in the cell (in this instance it is 185. I have far too many to manually do this on an ongoing basis, so am searching for a way to do it with code.

I found this code with jQuery which should grab the text from the :

 $('#myTable tr').each(function() {
    $tds = $(this).find('td');
     if($tds.length != 0) {
    $currText = $tds.eq(0).text();

    alert('Curr Source Language: ' + $currText);


I'm not quite sure how to implement the jQuery above either. I would like the entire table to be a link (not just the inner #'s). So if the 'get text' works, then I'd like to wrap the entire table with: -- everything inbetween as above code --

I hope that makes some sense. Thanks for any suggestions.

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You need a way of finding the value in the table im using lang=en-US as a selector. Then you need to build a url and change the page

$(function (){
        // Assign click event on any table
           // Get Value
           var val = $(this).find('[lang=en-US]').text();
           // Change Page
           window.location.href = "http://gotothislink_" + val + ".jpg"

Working example

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looks easy and works great (i think) when I follow your jsfiddle link. I can't seem to figure out how to get it to load. my test page is at could you tell me what I'm missing? – purgamentum Oct 17 '12 at 18:02
you simply click where it says 185, and you see it will load gotothislink.... which of course will 404 – Blowsie Oct 18 '12 at 13:44
you need to wrap the script inside a document ready function $(document).ready(function(){ //code here }); – Blowsie Oct 18 '12 at 13:45
updated answer. – Blowsie Oct 18 '12 at 13:47
Thanks very much Blowsie. Works great and gives me a place to start from. – purgamentum Oct 18 '12 at 21:22

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