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I am using titanium to make a small app where i can click on a 'gallery' button located in a window and it opens photogallery. On selecting the photo it should move to next window. But what it does is, it closes the photogallery first, after that i can see my first(button) screen and then it opens the next window.

I dont want it to show the previous window. Is there a way to do it??

I am adding windows to tabs . Below is my code .


function chooseImageFromGallery(){

        var capturedImg;

        //TODO     Titanium.Media.showCamera({
            success : function(event) {

                capturedImg = event.media;

                /* Condition to check the selected media */
                if (event.mediaType == Ti.Media.MEDIA_TYPE_PHOTO) {
                        var window1 = MyWindows.init(capturedImg, docImgModel, previous_win);

            cancel : function() {
                //While cancellation of the process
            error : function(error) {
                /* called when there's an error */
                var a = Titanium.UI.createAlertDialog({
                    titleid : 'camera'
                if (error.code == Titanium.Media.NO_CAMERA) {
                } else {
                    a.setMessage('Unexpected error: ' + error.message);



The init method just creates a new window and returns it .

The addWindowToTabGroup method adds it to the current tab

    // tabGroup is a tab at global level declared in app.js
    // activeTab returns the current tab
    tabGroup.activeTab.open(window, {
                animated : true

Thanks a lot ....

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You can do it this way: 1- on button click fire a global event which will open your photo gallery and then close your current window.

2- Now in success call back of photo gallery (when photo is selected) write you code of opening the new window you want to show your user ...

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