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i've edited default(en) vBulletin language for my own language(Turkish), but when i want to use it for my other forums with the same version(4.2.0) / when i download vbulletin-language.xml for later use, then i'm reloading it , but some phrases turn into default style although i've edited them and translated it in my language.

1-Returns default style 2-Why its textarea is a litle long than edited ones? Please help i have been trying to solve this problem for days


enter image description here

My problem may be seen on the image above

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Go to : admincp -> Languages and Phrases -> Downloading and Uploading Languages

in download section choice your language and then there are 2 other options :

Include Custom Phrases AND Just fetch phrases (No language settings will be included if 'Yes' is selected)

By "language settings" we mean the settings you see when you click the [Edit Settings] link in the Language Manager. If this language is just translated phrases and no custom settings then you can select "Yes" here. Otherwise you should select "No" to keep the language whole as it is now.

in vbulletin main manual there are not good describe for this options : vbulettin manual

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