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I have tried to import a single csv file in mongodb using mongoimport using mongoimport -d mydb -c things --type csv --file locations.csv --headerline. It works like a charm. My problem is that I want to import a folder full of csv(s) in mongodb. I searched, but could not find anything on that. I also tried to give folder path with wildcard (*), but it does not accept that. An example path is /home/user/event_files/* where event_files is the folder containing the csv files. How can I accomplish the import of a folder full of csv(s) in mongodb ?

Thankyou, Mohsin


    for f in $FILES
        mongoimport -d mydb -c events --type csv --file "$f" --headerline

I made this script to do the job. Replace your own folder path in "FILES" variable. In the mongoimport command (between do and done), "mydb" is your database name, "events" is your collection name. You will need to replace things to suit your needs.

Thankyou, Mohsin.

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