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Creating a simple XML file using python

I want to write a XML file from Python. The XML is like the following format only:

<Title rollid="1" mainid="1" teamid="1">
<s name="hello" address"abcdef" "etc"/>
 <s name="" address="" />

I wrote code in Python using lxml and etree but the XML file which I get is like this:

<s>rollid=""1" mainid="1"</s>
<s>name="" address=""</s>
<s>name="" address=""</s>

Please let me know how to get the desired format

My Code:

import os
import sys

import lxml.builder as lb from lxml import etree

#i made a dummy file AddDetail.xml with the root tags

def WriteDetails(rolid,mainid,name,address):
    myhash=dict()   # Declaring a dictionary

    #Storing the data which has to be written to xml in a dictionary
    myhash={'rollid':rolid, 'mainid':mainid,  'name':name, 'opid':opid, 'address':address}

    # Converting the data from dictionary to string for XML and 
    also checking if any valueis 0
    data=' '.join([('%s="%s"')%(key,value) for key,value in myhash.iteritems()if value])

    # Creating the root Element

    # Making a new Document Tree

    # Getting the root tag

    # Adding a new Element
    rollid="1" mainid="1" teamid="1")
    print etree.tostring(y,pretty_print=true)

   output i get is

   <Title rollid="1" mainid="1" teamid="1">
   <s>name="hello" address="aaaa"</s>

   I need something like
   <Title rollid="1" mainid="1" teamid="1">
   <s name="hello" address="aaaa"/>
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show us your code –  root Oct 17 '12 at 7:17
this looks like a typo: address"abcdef" –  guettli Oct 17 '12 at 7:28

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Use lxml.builder, here's a tutorial too.

   import lxml.builder as lb
   from lxml import etree

             rollid="1", mainid="1",teamid="1")

print etree.tostring(y, pretty_print=True)

<Title teamid="1" rollid="1" mainid="1">
  <s adress="abcdef" name="hello"/>
  <s adress="" name=""/>
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if instead of printing the value of name and address, if i pass a variable then the format gets changed. i get something like <s>dasff</s> –  user1705326 Oct 19 '12 at 8:48
editied my old question only.. –  user1705326 Oct 19 '12 at 9:05
no, you should not edit your old question, if you have a new one. meta.stackexchange.com/questions/145773/… your original question has been correctly answered. –  root Oct 19 '12 at 9:10

You need to learn how to create attributes:


>>> root = etree.Element("root", interesting="totally")
>>> etree.tostring(root)
b'<root interesting="totally"/>'
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