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On the page http://qa.salemgolfclub.org/Directions, there is a section at the bottom (next the the "Directions" button) that has an input where you can put an address and use Google Maps for driving directions.

One thing that I can't figure out is no matter what I enter for the size property on the textbox, it always shows up as the same size.

As you can see, I have it set to:

 <input type="text" size="300" id="fromAddress" name="from" value="" />

but it clearly doesn't look this long, though it definitely looks like there is real estate left on the screen.

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The width of the field is set by CSS. More specifically in line 319 of your Site.css, to 200 pixels. Stylesheets always higher priority than markup.

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inline styles have higher precedence and priority than stylesheets –  Russ Cam Aug 18 '09 at 9:54
+1 for Russ here's more monc.se/kitchen/38/cascading-order-and-inheritance-in-css –  Omar Abid Aug 18 '09 at 10:01
Good catch. Wasn't thinking about that when I replied. Personally I would advise against using either size="XXX" or style="width: YYY", as referencing an external CSS file provides a much cleaner markup and better separation of content from presentation. –  Daniel Liuzzi Aug 18 '09 at 10:01

Change the width in the style

style="width: 100px"

It would be better to apply a css class for this particular text field and then apply the style in that class. Do avoid inline styling.

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if you change it to

style= "width: 300px;"

then it is resized

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In your CSS you have the width: 200px; on input[type=text].

Changing this value will allow you to change the width of the box.

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you’ll probably assign the width with CSS for your id #fromAddress, and CSS’ width has higher priority than the attribute size

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using stylizer, the property that control the size of your box is "INPUT[type="text"]". So you need to change it

It's in your site.Css file

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