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I have a JMX server started by JVM process that can be optionally secured (for now its not, so I'm ready to consider any extensible way for it). For example as an option I looked at official tutorial and its ok for now to use user/password authentication. The MBeans are deployed via spring (annotations approach is used).

Now I would like to get from within my MBean the user name for some additional actions. Is it possible to do in JMX technology at all? If Yes how? :)


public class MyMBean {

    public void myOp() {

        String userName = ... ?;  // or whatever object that can bring me the name

        makeSomethingWithUserName ( userName );


I've found this tutorial but it seems to be glassfish specific and I'm looking for plain java based solution.

Thanks a lot and have a nice day

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This should work, but the Subject is only filled if the user authenticated. A local JMX connection will give an empty Subject!

private String getUserName() {
    AccessControlContext acc = AccessController.getContext();
    Subject subject = Subject.getSubject(acc);
    if (subject != null)  {
    Set<JMXPrincipal> principals = subject.getPrincipals(JMXPrincipal.class);
    JMXPrincipal principal = principals.iterator().next();
    return principal.getName();
    return "";
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Thanks a lot, this approach works great. Accepting your answer. – Mark Bramnik Oct 18 '12 at 10:28

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