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I just start learning Python in my company, I usually type python to run a script. The default Python version is 2.4. But now I need to run a new script in Python 3.

The company's IT support installed Python 3 in /usr/local/python3.2.3/bin/python3, but when I type python -V to check version, it still shows Python 2.4. The IT support said they can't replace the old version. How can i run the script using Python 3?

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You just need to provide the absolute path to the python interpreter. When you type "python -v" it is finding the default version, or the first version it finds based on your PATH. – JamesSwift Oct 17 '12 at 7:54

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/usr/local/python3.2.3/bin/python3 -V

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You can modify your PATH environment variable to get python3 picked up first, or create an alias that'll give you a command for running python3.

To modify your PATH edit your shell configuration file (e.g., ~/.bashrc if you are using BASH)


To create an alias to python3 do (in the same file),

alias python3=/usr/local/python3.2.3/bin/python3

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As py2 and 3 have so many differences, usually Python 3 will be started with python3 instead of a mere python.

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