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I build a signed applet to upload files from visitor computer, I used WildcardFileFilter class to get files that start with some string....

In-order to do this i needed to include Apachae Common io 2.4 jar file as library in my project, Now my Applet is signed but when i run it, It gives mixed code warning as show here

Now i followed in instructions and added Trusted-Library: true in manifest file then it didn't loads that library and on running applet i got error org/apachae/...../WildcardFileFilter class not found.

I signed this common-io_2.4.jar library file then this warning went away But User prompted twice to accept applet which is annoying too...

How can i get trusted common-io file for using wildcard or some other advice......

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Please, go to this link again and read the following:

Raising a warning is the default behavior, but there are options available to manage how this situation is handled.

•For users and systems administrators, various protection options are available. For more information, see Mixed Code Protection Options for Users.

•For developers and deployers, two manifest attributes are available. For more information, see Deploying Signed Applications and Applets Securely Without a Mixed Code Warning.

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One of the solutions is to include the name of the library (commons-io) in your class-path attribute in the manifest file. The other option is to extract commons-io package and jar it with your code, then signing it. This time you should only get the warning message one time.

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