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I am new to qtp and this is a sample script in which I am facing a few errors like "URL might be wrong".

Browser ("Google").Navigate ( "http://www.google.com")
Browser ("Google"). Page ("Google").Sync
Browser ("Google"). Page("Google").  WebEdit("q:"). Set (" tarun lalwani")
Browser ("Google") .Page  ("Google"). WebButton ("Google Search").Click
Browser ("Google") .Page (" tarun lalwani - Google").link ("knowledgeInbox").Click
Browser ("Google").Page ("knowledgeInbox").Sync
Browser ("Google") .close 

What is going wrong?

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Could you please elaborate on what sort of errors you are getting? – nolim1t Aug 18 '09 at 10:12
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I can see you've taken the example from Tarun's website. A couple of questions/pointers:

  1. Is this all the code from your sample script?

  2. Do you have the object repository that I expect comes with this example script?

  3. Are all those random spaces present in your actual QTP code?

  4. What exact error message are you getting? I think "URL might be wrong" is probably not what you're really getting...

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  1. Check whether you stored objects in the object repository

  2. Try the below mentioned code

    Set IE = CreateObject("InternetExplorer.Application")
    IE.Navigate "http://www.google.co.in"
    IE.Visible = True
    IE.Document.All.Item("q").Value = "serach"
  3. There shoudl be no spaces in the code. For example your script is

    Browser ("Google") .Page  ("Google"). WebButton ("Google Search").Click

    it should be

    Browser("Google").Page("Google").WebButton("Google Search").Click
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You should specify the browser:

browser("IE").Page("website name").etc.......

Or store it in a variable:

set a=browser("IE").page("name of ur site etc")
a.webedit("name of text field").set "pavan"

You can also create a local repository before running the script.

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SystemUtil.Run "iexplore","URL of the application"
With Browser("A").Page("B")
    .WebEdit("Logical Name of the Text Field").Set"SearchKeyText"
    .WebButton("Text label of the Button").Click
End With
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