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I have this html/smarty code for a radio button. I would like to extend the area for the selection of the radio button so that the user can more easily select it on this page? The classic trick of using label is insufficient here. All the actions performed when clicking the button must be performed, see the onchange parameters. I need to make a clickable zone including at least the whole table that contains this line, or even better: a zone that also contains the image above each radio button.

Is that possible in html, css, jquery? Thanks

    <td valign="top">
        <input value="{$id_attribute|intval}" class="{$groupName}"  type="radio" name="{$groupName}" id="group_{$id_attribute_group|intval}" onchange="javascript:findCombination({$groupName});changeCombinationPrice();{if $groupName=='group_1'}getCheckedValue(document.forms['buy_block_form'].elements['group_1']);scaleImage('{$group_attribute|escape:'htmlall':'UTF-8'}','{$cover.id_image}.jpg');{else if $groupName=='group_2'}changeImage('{$group_attribute|escape:'htmlall':'UTF-8'}','{$cover.id_image}',{$id_attribute|intval}); {/if}" {if ($groupName=='group_1' and $countGroup1==1) } checked {/if} />
    {assign var="hrup" value=$group_attribute|escape:'htmlall':'UTF-8'|lower}
    {if $feact==$hrup}
    <td width="17" valign="top">
    <script language="javascript" >
    <div class="tooltip">
        <div class="toolimg"><img src="/pixelart/img/layout/corazon.jpg">
        <div class="tooldescrip">{l s="Finition recommandée par l'artiste"}
        <div class="imputgroup_{$id_attribute|intval}">{$group_attribute|escape:'htmlall':'UTF-8'}
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You need to wrap the clickable content in another tag (A is appropriate) and hook up the event handler to that tag. You'll also have to switch the radio buttons in JavaScript accordingly.

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thanks but how to "hook up the event handler to that tag"? –  louis Oct 18 '12 at 12:07
Can anyone help please ? –  louis Oct 18 '12 at 12:49
OK, I wrapped everything with a a link tag, and called a javascript function with onclick in this tag. The function I wrote selects the radio button OK, but it doesn't run the callings in the onchange of this radio button...how to do this? thanks –  louis Oct 18 '12 at 14:08
Do you find a cleaner solution? –  louis Oct 18 '12 at 14:57
You can call the radio button's event with jQuery's $(...).change(); You have to pass it a selector...probably something like $(this).find('{$groupName}').change() –  Diodeus Oct 18 '12 at 16:34

wrapped the area with a a tag:

<a href="Javascript:void()" id="radioClickAreaid{$id_attribute|intval}" onclick="radioClickArea(document.forms['buy_block_form'].elements['{$groupName}'], '{$id_attribute|intval}');javascript:findCombination({$groupName});changeCombinationPrice();{if $groupName=='group_1'}getCheckedValue(document.forms['buy_block_form'].elements['group_1']);scaleImage('{$group_attribute|escape:'htmlall':'UTF-8'}','{$cover.id_image}.jpg');{else if $groupName=='group_2'}changeImage('{$group_attribute|escape:'htmlall':'UTF-8'}','{$cover.id_image}',{$id_attribute|intval}); {/if}">

that has the same onclick parameters as the onchange from the radio button (not very elegant though!), and that calls a javascript function:

function radioClickArea(radioObj, id_attribute) {
    var radioLength = radioObj.length;
    if(radioLength == undefined) {
            radioObj.checked = (radioObj.value == id_attribute.toString());
    for(var i = 0; i < radioLength; i++) {
            radioObj[i].checked = false;
            if(radioObj[i].value == id_attribute.toString()) {
                    radioObj[i].checked = true;
    return false; // so that the link goes nowhere

The radio button gets selected OK. Is there a way not to repeat the onchange/onclick parameters?

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Or like suggested here - use tag surrounding your radiobutton or checkbox: How can I make an HTML radiobutton with a big target area?

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