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I like the feature in sorting in drupal's taxonomy like this: or if you already have experience editing taxonomy in drupal 7.

It provides a tree/directory like structure sorting...

I've been trying 2d sorts on jquery ui and the nested sortable plugin:

But i'm b!tch!n' on the features of the sort in drupal, because it's clean and friendly in table like format.

Can anybody provide me a better alternative? I've been searching through drupal repos and no luck

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Table sorting with JQuery UI:

You can apply your own CSS to create whatever look & feel you want. Note that this does not support parent child relationships.

Something that does support parent-child relationships is a JQuery 'treeTable' plugin at:

Here is a jsFiddle that implements the treeTable plugin:

With fairly simple code:

    $(document).ready(function()  {
              expandable: false

        // Drag & Drop Code
        $("#dragndrop .entry").draggable({
          helper: "clone",
          opacity: .75,
          refreshPositions: true, // Performance?
          revert: "invalid",
          revertDuration: 300,
          scroll: true

        $("#dragndrop .entry").each(function() {
            drop: function(e, ui) {
              setNewParent($($(ui.draggable).parents("tr")[0]).attr("id"), $(this).attr("id"));
            hoverClass: "accept",
            over: function(e, ui) {
              if( != $(ui.draggable.parents("tr")[0]).id && !$(this).is(".expanded")) {

        function setNewParent(child, parent)
            // do ajax call here

The main drawbacks with this plugin:

  • You cannot reorder nodes that are at the same level.
  • You cannot move a node right up to the very top level.

Someone who has the time may be able to fork the plugin and add these features to it.

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Thank you for this but I also wanted it to have that parent-child relationship in sorting, in this, you may also want to drag-sort left or right to set what that row's parent may be. It may be done by adding a class perhaps upon drag to set that row be a child or a parent to another row. I know it may be done using long and brute code (since I'm much a javascript user not a developer), and looking for a jquery plugin would really fit for this – user1076813 Oct 24 '12 at 8:48
@user1076813 updated with a treeTable plugin, but couldn't find anything else. – mccannf Oct 25 '12 at 11:12

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