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I created a phonegap app for ios. After submitting it to Apple itunes they rejected the project because I was not supporting IOS 6.

So, I installed Xcode 4.5, I updated the project to cordova 2.1

And it runs perfectly on ios 6 simulator.!!!

The BAD news are that is not working in my ios 4.3.5 iphone device. When I use the cordova 2.0, it works under ios 4.3.5, but ios 6 is not supported...

I found that cordova 2.1 and xcode 4.5 doesn't support lower than ios 4.3 , but this is 4.3.5.

Does it has to do with the iphone hardware? It is a 3Gs.

Thank you.

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I had to update all the included plugins to 2.1 compatible ones.


So if anyone comes across it, this is the solution.


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