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Am trying to create an android applictaion which locates points of intrest around the user and displays it. So far i have sucessfully incoporated googleplace api with the help of ravi #androidhive but am still lost as to how to pull pictures from google places as well. furthermore, i am confused as to if a wikitravel api exist and if so where do i get it and how to i get it. Finally if its impossible to get resources from wiki travel api and unable to pull pictures from google places what other resource can i pull from and how do i integrate with my application

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EDIT: The Places API now supports the return of one place photo if available for a Place Search request and up to ten place photos for a Place Details request.

If a photos array is returned with your request, you can pass the photo_reference from a contained photo object to a Place Photo request with the maxheight and/or maxwidth, sensor and key parameters:


Please see the documentation for more details.

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