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in my case, when I click on choose file input I i set a variable to 1.

Once you choose the file this variable remains at 1.

if it cancels, closes the window without selecting a file to upload I would like to return this variable to 0 it possible?


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More detail required here. I assume you are cancelling a dialog? If so, which plugin are you using? Some code would help a lot. – Rory McCrossan Oct 17 '12 at 9:21
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If I understand you correct I would go the other way. If you click the file chooser set the variable to 0, and only set the variable to 1 if the value of the file input changes.


<input type="file" id="file"/>


var x = 0;
$('#file').click(function() {
    x = 0;
$('#file').change(function() {
    x = 1;

See for a demo.

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yes, thank you friend!!! This is the finally code work perfectly for me – Rihan Oct 17 '12 at 13:28

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