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I'm using an AIX machine which has Weblogic 9.21 installed and it also has jython as part of its installation (WLST).

Is there a way to run jython code without having to initialize the WLST first?

I have the following jars too if they bring in any ideas:

['.', '/opt/weblogic921/weblogic92/common/lib/jython.jar', '/opt/weblogic921/weblogic92/common/lib/config.jar', '/opt/weblogic921/weblogic92/common/lib/config.jar', '/opt/weblogic921/weblogic92/server/lib/weblogic.jar', '/opt/weblogic921/weblogic92/common/wlst/modules/jython-modules.jar/Lib', '/opt/weblogic921/weblogic92/common/wlst', '/opt/weblogic921/weblogic92/common/wlst/lib', '/opt/weblogic921/weblogic92/common/wlst/modules']

Right now I'm invoking the jython code using:

java -cp /opt/weblogic921/weblogic92/server/lib/weblogic.jar weblogic.WLST file.py
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Paste below code in a shell script say jythonExec.sh and use it

Example Usage : /bin/bash jythonExec.sh file.py

if [ ! -f ${jythonJarLoc} ]; then
${javaLoc} -cp ${jythonJarLoc} -Dpython.cachedir=${pythonCacheDir} org.python.util.jython $@
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Perfect! Thanks. –  Vladimir Oct 17 '12 at 12:32

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