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I have a Django project with a couple of apps - all of them with 100% coverage unit tests. And now I started documenting the whole thing in a new directory using ReST and Sphinx. I create the html files using the normal approach: make html.

Since there are a couple of code snippets in these ReST files, I want to make sure that these snippets stay valid over time. So what is a good way to test these ReST files, so I get an error if some API changes made such a snippet invalid? I guess there have to be some changes in conf.py?

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simply run make doctest and maybe some changes in conf.py. docs are here –  bmu Oct 18 '12 at 17:11

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Turned out that I had some python paths wrong. Everything works as expected - as noted by bmu in his comment. (I'm writing this answer so I can close the question in a normal way)

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