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I have key value pairs as "statement:test,data" where 'test,data' is the value for hash. While trying to create a hash with such values, perl splits the values on the comma. Is there a way around this where strings with commas can be used as values

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I doubt that it splits the value. Please show some code. %x = ( statement => 'test,data') should work just fine. –  Thilo Oct 17 '12 at 9:41
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Perl won't split a string on a comma unless you tell it to.


use v5.16;
use warnings;
use Data::Dump 'ddx';

my $data = "statement:test,data";
my %hash;

my ($key, $value) = split(":", $data);

$hash{$key} = $value;

ddx \%hash;


# split.pl:14: { statement => "test,data" }
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There is nothing in Perl that stops you from using 'test,data' as hash value. If your incoming string is literally "statement:test,data", you can use this code to add into hash:

my ($key, $value) = ($string =~ /(\w+):(.*)/);
next unless $key and $value;  # skip bad stuff - up to you
$hash{$key} = $value;
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