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I have following problem with tracking of Magento purchase on Google Analytics (custom theme, different from default checkout process).

My goal settings are following: http://db.tt/W30D0CnL, where step 3 equals to /checkout/onepage/opc-review-placeOrderClicked

As you can see from funnel visualization ( http://db.tt/moluI29d ) after step 2 (Checkout Start) there are a lot of exits toward /checkout/onepage/opc-review-placeOrderClicked which is setted as step 3, but step 3 reporting always 0.

Is there something that I'm missing here?

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I've found the problem. Apparently second point (/checkout/onepage) was fired even on the third step.

When I changed it to regex match (/checkout/onepage$) everything started to work.

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