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I has encountered an error while implement the below code:

package main

import (

type Struct struct {
    a int
    b int

func Modifier(ptr *Struct, ptrInt *int) int {
    return *ptr.a + *ptr.b + *ptrInt

func main() { 
    structure := new(Struct)
    i := 0         
    fmt.Println(Modifier(structure, &i))

That gives me an error something about "invalid indirect of ptr.a (type int)...". And also why the compiler don't give me error about ptrInt? Thanks in advance.

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Just do

func Modifier(ptr *Struct, ptrInt *int) int {
    return ptr.a + ptr.b + *ptrInt

You were in fact trying to apply ++ on *(ptr.a) and ptr.a is an int, not a pointer to an int.

You could have used (*ptr).a++ but this is not needed as Go automatically solves ptr.a if ptr is a pointer, that's why you don't have -> in Go.

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Thanks for the answer, that's helpful for me. –  Coder Oct 17 '12 at 10:28

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