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Is there a strict relation between task hours and story points? If a user story with a story point of 10 takes 100 hours, should a story with 15 story points take around 150 hours? If not so, what other factors distinguish them?

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We use points as an estimation so we can calculate duration based on current knowledge. Recent experience may show that in a 3 week sprint they can deliver 20 points worth of work creatively and cleanly. After a change to increase quality, our next sprint may show 15 points in a 3 week sprint. With both of these we can use the remaining story points to create a forecast based on current knowledge rather than sticking with the knowledge of our original estimate.

So, yes there is a relationship, but it changes based on empirical evidence. Relative size estimates allow us to plan continually were duration estimates require a full re-estimation to accomodate new knowledge.

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No, there isn't.

It's quite normal to have two User Stories that have the same Story Point estimate and yet have different task estimates or actual effort expended. The difference shouldn't be vast but it will exist.

The real beauty in Story Points is that they're an abstraction that makes high level estimating quick and easy.

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Here is a link on Why to use points instead of hours and gives a good break down of the information.


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Definitely not. There is a very large non-linearity in estimation: we are much better able to estimate small tasks than large ones. What's even worse is the fallacy of software estimation: if you can do a good estimate, too much of the work is repeating, not new, and should have been automated.

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Anyone care to explain the -1? – Stephan Eggermont Feb 14 '13 at 17:18

Additionally, points are a reflection of perceived risk or complexity in the story. A 20 point story is not just 4 times the size of a 5 point story. It's also a reflection of the team's uncertainty of the true size of the story. The farther up the point curve you go, the worse this gets.

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