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I am working on signing in a Rails 2 app remotely. Given that Rails methods are RESTful by default, I am assuming all I have to do would be POSTing form data from the remote application (a Facebook App actually). For some reason, this doesn't seem to work, I've tried:

curl -d user[email] -d user[password]=whocares

which returns and empty result. I suspected Rails' built in forgery protection might be the cause, deactivating it won't make it work.

Is there something wrong with my method ?

EDIT : If it's any help, processing the same POST query with HTTPRequester does work, although I provided the same input.

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I managed to get it working, thanks to the -u flag.

 curl --user

This is still cryptic to me, as I still don't know how it operates under the hood. Explanations are still welcome.

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It sends the Authorization HTTP header to the server where the value is the Base64 encoded version of your authorization data ( You can see it working when you pass the -v option to curl. – KARASZI István Oct 17 '12 at 12:50

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