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I'm fairly new to facebook development and I still get confused about the oAuth thing. A client of mine asked me to show the latest posts, links and statuses of his facebook page to his website.

On the a php page on his website I'm creating a url

"https://graph.facebook.com/".$clientFacebookPage."/posts?limit=1&access_token= xxx

In order to json decode it and display the info I want, but I don't know how to get an access token. I generated an access token with the graph explorer that is tied to my name as a facebook developer but that expires in 2 hours.

There are many thing that confuse me already and I hope you can point me towards a solution I've read the documentation but everything revolves around users getting logged on your app and you app posting. So my questions are:

  • Do I need to create an app to do a curl (requiring special permissions) using the http://graph.facebook/xxxx url?
  • If so, does the adming of the facebook page need to authorize with the app?
  • What do I need to do next? I can create a web page using the app id and secret. Does that mean that I can retrieve the info of the facebook page? How?
  • I know that the page needs an auth token to curl the http://graph.facebook/xxxx page and retrieve the data needed. Where can I generate it? Does the webpage need to generate it, or do I have (as the app developer) acquire the token and write it to my php code?
  • If I log out of the facebook, will the program/webpage stop functioning?

I hope I didn't confuse you. Thank you.

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The basic process for obtaining an access token for a Page is as follows: 1. Get a user access token for a User who is an admin of the Page 2. Using this User token, request graph.facebook.com/me/accounts and look for the correct Page ID in the list returned. 3. Grab the associated Page token from that ID 4. Use it to do Page stuff.

There is a newly launched Facebook docs guide which shows you how to obtain one of these access tokens in a step-by-step fashion: https://developers.facebook.com/docs/howtos/login/login-as-page/ Hopefully that guide should help you.

I will also answer your questions in order:

  • Yes, you will need an app in order to generate access tokens to make API queries
  • Yes
  • This is in the guide linked above (start at the Getting Started if you need to create a way to get a User Access Token also)
  • Again, see the guide above
  • Yes, but you should follow the steps in this guide to generate a long-lived access token. Once you do that, any Page token you retrieve will last forever.
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Thank you Matthew, I followed every step and I finally got to make it work. I have another question thought: The documentation states that access_tokens will expire after 60 days. What does the webpage owner (and facebook page admin) has to do? I'm keeping the access_token to a database so I can retrieve it and show the data I want to irrelevant to facebook visitors. What if the token expires? Should I make a "hidden" page that gets an access_token to replace the "current" in the database and have the admin logging in once per two months? Is that a legit solution? Thank you again! – Terumi Oct 17 '12 at 21:12

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