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I am trying to pass a JSON request body to a REST Webservice which is made using CXFRS in my Apache Camel application.

I want to access the request JSON passed in my Processor.



Though i am posting a JSON in request body, still in my processor exchange.getIn().getBody() always return the {request_param} not the Request JSON.

My REST webservice is as follows:

@Consumes({"application/json" ,"application/xml"})
public class HelloRest {
    public TestPojo sayHi(@PathParam("name") String name) {
        return new TestPojo(name);
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Server part:

public String add(MappingUser newUser){
    UserEntity userEntity = new UserEntity(newUser.getNickname(), newUser.getPassword());
    boolean ret = myDB.addUser(userEntity);

    //sends the return value (primitive type) as plain text over network
    return String.valueOf(ret);

Client part:

 public boolean addUser(User user){
    WebResource resource = client.resource(url).path("/");

    String response = resource
            //type of response
            //type of request
            .post(String.class, user);

    return Boolean.valueOf(response);
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source: cw.felk.cvut.cz/doku.php/courses/a4m36aos –  Milos Oct 17 '12 at 12:13
Can you please elaborate a little on that. –  schhajed Oct 17 '12 at 13:25

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