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I am new to Oracle Workspace Manager. I have a trigger that fills my IDs every time i insert a record. I created the trigger before I enable the versioning of my table. After versioning was enabled in my table, I can no longer find my trigger but have these triggers instead:


What I wanted to do is Query the triggers that I created on my tables. Is there a way to do that without disabling the versioning on my table? I have too many versioned-enabled tables and that would be a hassle disabling the version in every table just for that query.

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To get a list of triggers created on a version-enabled tables that you(current user) owns, you can query USER_WM_TAB_TRIGGERS view or ALL_WM_TAB_TRIGGERS view (if you've been granted create any trigger privilege) to get information about triggers for all version-enabled tables.

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Thank you. Thats very helpful – user902098 Oct 18 '12 at 2:29

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