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I have an application with a WebView in it and I used ActionBarSherlock to implement the actionbar.

Now when a user long-presses a word in the WebView he can then choose to Find text and type in whatever he wants to find and use a built in find feature which is great.

Is there any way to invoke that problematically (read: a find button that starts the find method without the user having to long-press the webview).

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Ok, the solution is simpler, it turns out:

public boolean showFindDialog(String text, boolean showIme)

It's a built-in method in the WebView controller. Implemented something like this:

public boolean onOptionsItemSelected(MenuItem item) {
    int i = item.getItemId();
    if (i ==
        _webMain.showFindDialog(null, true);
    return true;

Unfortunately though, it's only supported in SDK11+. This probably means that fragmentation-wise, the suggestion above me is more appropriate where available (although with several modifications, using ABS' built in 'collapsable action' instead of a floating textview).

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