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I have below the native sql query. i am using Oracle database.

             rownum rownumber 
                 colmn5 In (
             order by
                colmn1 ) row_ ) 
             Rownumber <= 50000
             and rownumber > 0

Above query returns 50000 records. if i execute above query in sqldeveloper, it takes only 30 seconds but in the spring and hibernate integrated application it takes 15 minutes. How can i improve the performance?


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Please post some code snippet ? – Vinit Prajapati Oct 17 '12 at 12:45

You have two inner selects. An inner select always is a possible source of bad performance, because it might hinder the database from finding the optimal search strategy.

As far ar I can see you use the inner selects only for handling the row number. If you use only the most inner select and handle the row number on java/hibernate level, then you'll get a much better performance.

You only use this select

select colmn1, colmn2, colmn3, colmn4, colmn5, colmn6,
   from Table5
   where colmn5 In ('19901','10001') 
   order by colmn1

which, as it does not have any database specialities any more easily can be replaced by an HQL statement and so making your program independent of the used database (Java class and property names should be replaced by the real ones):

from Table5_Class
   where colmn5_Prop in ('19901','10001') 
   order by colmn1_prop

Then you replace your where condition Where Rownumber <= 50000 and rownumber > 0 by the hibernate methods Query.setMaxResults(50000) and Query.setFirstResult(0) (remark: setFirstResult(0) is superfluous as row 0 always is the first one, but I guess you also want to get the next 50000 rows, and then you can use setFirstResult(n)).

If you need the rownumber as a parameter then you can use the index of the resulting List for this.

P. S: I can't tell you why your select is so much faster in the SQL developer than in Hibernate.

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