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I have two listviews with custom adapters. The first listview contains names of lists. When I click on the name of a list, the second listview have to be populated with the contents of the clicked list. I need to read the contents of the list from a local SQLite database that's located in assets, but that's not important. Assume that I have array of the contents. I know how to do this if I have to populate them on button click, but I don't know to do it this way. Both listviews are in the same activity.

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u should implement onclicklistener or itemclicklistener and then on click of the first listview get the data from sqlite database and fill ur array by that data and then setlistAdapter() –  Kailash Dabhi Oct 17 '12 at 11:30

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by using onItemClickListener of listview u can do this.

on onitemclickListener of first listview u set adapter for the second listview

u can do this using one customadapetr and u can write separate customadapter for both


if u post some sample code i will try to give more specific answer

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