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A customer of mine suddenly has a strange problem.

For example: Product A = 121,-- Tax = 21,-

So the subtotal should be 121,- incl. tax and the grand total also should be 121,- incl. tax.

But the grand total now is 100 incl. tax, so there is a problem with the calculation.

It looks like the tax is calculated good from products:

A product costs 23,95 incl. 21% tax
the subtotal excl. tax is than 19,79
the subtotal incl. tax is 23,95

And now the problem:
The endtotal excl. tax is 15,63 (so the tax calculated twice)
The grandtotal incl. tax is 19,79 (this is the excl. tax price from the subtotal).


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OK, this has to be a bit of a guess rather than a definite answer but a classic gotcha that causes the sales tax to be doubled when displaying products inclusive of tax can be caused when you haven't set the shipping origin.

System -> Configuration -> Sales -> Shipping Settings and then set the origin to the country you are actually shipping from (ie your store normally) rather than the default United States.

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I've found it! it was not the shipping settings, but the calculate tax based on after discount instead of before discount! –  WNR Design Oct 17 '12 at 12:08
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